What is a BIA?

A business improvement area is an association of business owners and tenants in a specific area that work in partnership with the City of Toronto to represent their specialized community needs. Through this partnership, BIA’s can effectively attract new, competitive, and thriving businesses. By working collectively as a BIA, local businesses have the organizational and funding capacity to be catalysts for civic improvement, enhancing the quality of life in their local neighborhood and the city as a whole. The first BIA was established in Bloor West Village in 1970, and since then Toronto now boasts 83 BIA’s across the city, representing more than 35,000 businesses, and bringing in a combined $30 million in funding.

What are the benefits of BIA?

The City of Toronto offers a number of assistance programs to BIA’s to implement mural projects, community festivals, strategic business plans, commercial facade improvements, as well as funds to beautify streets and sidewalks, create marketing and promotional campaigns, and develop crime prevention strategies.

One of the more successful programs offered by our BIA office is the Capital Cost-Share Program, which provides matching funding to our BIA partners for streetscape beautification projects aimed at taming our busy streets and improving the shopability and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Each BIA throughout the city are Members of an umbrella organization called the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) , which encourage the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas among BIA’s. TABIA also advocates on behalf of BIA’s to influence government policy, help obtain funding for programs, and offers discount and savings programs for its members, such as preferred Merchant Visa and MasterCard rates.

How do I register for updates and get listed?

If your biz is located within Liberty Village, between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue, and King Street to the tracks, you are already a member of the BIA! Of course, over the years, local biz’s move in and out. Perhaps you are one who is taking over a space? First thing to do is call or email our coordinator here: 416-516-1723 or admin@libertyvillagebia.com. From there, we’ll obtain your contact info and biz description and post this info on our website directory. By emailing our coordinator, you are also automatically added to the BIA members-only mailing list, so you won’t miss a thing! We encourage our BIA members to subscribe to our BIA members-only Facebook page, where you can get in on the latest conversation, and follow our Instagram and Twitter for daily news on food/drink, events etc in Liberty Village!

Any other questions?

Please see the City of Toronto website .

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