Board of Management

All Business Improvement Areas are run by a volunteer Board of Management. This Board is elected by BIA members and are nominated at an Annual General Meeting. The elected Board of Management is then approved by City Council. The approved Board of Management will serve a four-year term concurrent with the term of Council.

The Board of Management works on behalf of its BIA, meeting regularly to develop budgets, set priorities, plan festivals, implement capital improvement, and promote its business area.

Who is on the Board of Management?

BIA Boards are composed of public directors and City Councillors. The public directors are elected by the BIA membership and recommended to the Community Council.

What does the Board of Management do?

The Board of Management are responsible for beautifying our streets, marketing and promotional campaigns, organizing street festivals, and crime prevention strategies. The BIA also acts as a unified voice to address issues on behalf of their membership.

The board is comprised of individuals who are philanthropic by nature and are passionate about giving back to their community.

Who are BIA members?

Businesses owners and their tenants located within the BIA boundaries.


Julie Kaye – TBD Telecom By Design

David Essig – International Workplace Group
*Chair of Human Resources 

Connie De La Vega – Property Owner
*Chair of the Animated Public Realm

Daniela Pereira – Bank of Montreal


Charles Arbez – Hullmark Developments Inc

Chris Wilkins – EDge Interactive

Graham Giles – Beanfield Technologies
*Chair of the Finance Committee

Jodi Shpigel – First Capital Realty
*Chair of Advocacy

Libby Garg – Freshii
*Chair of Advocacy

Marco De’Elle – B Suite Salon & Spa

Sandy Weir – Smooth Wax Bar
*Chair of Marketing 

Tiina Stewart – York Heritage Properties

Yohannes Habtemariam – The Craft Brasserie & Grille
*Chair of Events 


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