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No word better describes Liberty Village than Creative. Whether it’s brand or campaign design truths from Bob’s Your Uncle (Ducati, Molson, Thermador, Bosch…), cutting edge and multiple award winning interior design from II by IV (The Thompson Hotel, Yankee Stadium, Scarpetta, Virgin Mobile…) or creating an entirely new way for employees to engage and reward themselves and each other with The Achievers, Liberty Village businesses understand that to stay on top – innovation, collaboration, and re-invention are essential.

What’s more, every business you might need to collaborate with is right on your doorstep.

Need a fully equipped audio production and recording studio for that new promo, advertisement or movie? The Post Office (Aaliyah, The Raptors, Ford, Sapporo..) has you covered with state of the art everything.

While you’re at it, Stature Films (Nike, Second Cup, Air Canada, Indigo…) will help make sure your business grows with top notch cinematography and meticulous editing. The folks here produce everything from documentaries to educational materials, commercials to political campaigns with passion and commitment.

Jam Direct might be your next stop to ensure you reach your target audience. Digital and direct marketing gurus, they’ll create the perfect plan of action for your digital and direct marketing campaign making sure your results are incredible and measurable.

Great results pouring in? Phone ringing off the hook with business? Then it’s time to celebrate and that’s where the keen eyes of 5ive15ifteen PhotoCompany (Commercial, Events, Lifestyle and Weddings) come in! They’ll be there to help you capture those special moments and ensure your story comes alive.

And last, but not least (as the list goes on), you’ll want some cool swag for your shindig and Stitchy Lizard has everything your heart desires. From embroidery to screen printing and every kind of promotional product you can imagine, they’ll make sure your event and company are remembered well after the evening ends!

And who doesn’t want to be remembered? As a place with a lot of history, what drives you to create and build your business is the same drive that forged the Liberty Village of days gone by. From billiards and bombs and board games and appliances to multimedia production houses and design firms and advertising, engineering new ways of being is part of our DNA.


Whether it’s Nanopay creating a frictionless payment system with unrivaled security, blazing a 100% independent fibre optic trail across thousands of businesses and condos (beanfield Metroconnect), or Jam honing its trailblazing and unique approach to digital and interactive media before launching itself across the globe, Liberty Village is there. In its early days (a long long time ago in the 1990’s) we had more internet connectivity in a single building than in all of India! While those stats are now anachronistically archaic, that cutting edge spirit has never left and our businesses continue to blaze a new trail with every tech weapon at their disposal.

Using their craft to tell your story, Digital Black Magic has the experience, track record tech tools to make your business pop. From project planning and assessment to concept and execution, their experience with rendering and 3D animation makes brands like Apple, Chanel, Tesla, and Cadillac Fairview stand out across the globe.

Flixel, one of many startups that call Liberty Village home, is also in the visual storytelling game creating cinemagraphic software for iOS that investors like Tyra Banks (America’s Next Top Model) believe is the future of photography. Incorporating moving images within a still photograph their software makes even renowned brands like Mercedes Benz look better.

Building your brand is important but so is security and convenience and that’s where BioConnect comes in. Creating software that addresses the more than $3 trillion lost to identity fraud across the planet, they seamlessly connect the real you to the stuff you care about. Through integrated card, fingerprint, retina and even your keyboard typing patterns, BioConnect manages your identity and reduces annoying friction in your work and life.

Weaving all of these new technologies together isn’t easy and that’s where Softchoice helps navigate the right path. Trusted by more than 2000 businesses across North America, they help you choose the best platforms, the best hardware and offer the best support to make sure you succeed. Working with all the top brands in the world, they’ll cut through the endless possibilities technology provides to make sure that your business has the clarity and efficiency necessary – allowing you to focus on what matters – building your business.

Finally, (but again, not finally) at the end of a long workday, who doesn’t want to curl up with a great book, and no one knows books and e-readers better than Kobo. Always on the edge, the new Aura One e-reader is the first fully waterproof reader – perfect for the beach (Toronto Island!) – and incorporates the latest E ink touchscreen display to make that bio, thriller or romance jump off the “page”.


Almost daily, a new media model is launched and many of these media makers choose Liberty Village as “the place” to start-up and build their businesses.

Whether you’re redefining popular media at Vice, changing the way photos move at Flixel, inspiring Canada’s boomers with Zoomer energy, or inspiring the world of Virtual Reality at Globacore, “the talent is here in Liberty.” So join us, and “dare to lead in Liberty.”

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