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đź“ŤHanna Ave and Liberty St


Welcome to the heart of Liberty Village. Here, you will find dozens of cafes, restaurants, and shops located just steps away. This new public plaza, part of the 99 Atlantic office and commercial development, was, until 2019, a parking lot. The 99 Atlantic development – led by Kevric, with WZMH and ERA architects – added a modern 8-storey office building while restoring a neighbouring boilerhouse now occupied by Scotiabank. 

On the west side of Atlantic Avenue, another new five-storey office building, 80 Atlantic, was completed last year on top of another former parking lot, providing more space for Liberty Village’s creative industry. These new offices complement West Liberty’s heritage brick-and-beam factory buildings. A plaza between the new 80 Atlantic office block and the heritage warehouse building at 60 Atlantic includes the patio for Liberty Commons, a brewpub that opened in 2017. 

These new developments allow for wide, accessible sidewalks, like the ones in front of the new 99 Atlantic building and the restored Brunswick Balke Collender Company building at 40 Hanna, a feature often lacking in parts of Liberty Village. Disused rail spurs and loading docks were often repurposed as boulevard parking spots, resulting in limited pedestrian access. As transit access improves and more pedestrians are attracted to Liberty Village, these old streetscapes will continue to improve. 

On the northeast corner of Hanna Avenue and Liberty Street is Toy Factory Lofts. This building – one of Liberty Village’s first residential developments — was constructed for the Hinde & Dauch Paper Company in 1912. The building was later acquired by Irwin Toy, which produced children’s toys such as sports balls, table hockey games, hula hoops, and frisbees, and imported and distributed licenced toys for the Canadian market, including the Star Wars and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers lines. Irwin Toy closed in 2001, after larger American manufacturers set up their own Canadian distribution networks.

Between 2005 and 2008, the building was renovated and expanded, with the old factory floors transformed into condominium lofts. 

This unique blend of heritage and modern buildings, offices and studios, apartments, townhomes, and retail space make Liberty Village a dynamic place to live, work, and shop.

Learn more about Liberty Market, the retail and office complex on the southeast corner, at Stop 3, Lynn Williams and East Liberty Street.  

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Location 3 Lynn Williams and East Liberty Street – 225 metres east (148 East Liberty Street)

Location 4 Hanna Avenue and Snooker Street – 150 metres north (75 Hanna Avenue)

Location 11 South Atlantic Avenue/Exhibition GO – 350 metres south-west (1 Atlantic Avenue)

Location 9 Liberty and Mowat/Toronto Carpet Factory– 500 metres west (67 Mowat Avenue)

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Looking east on Liberty Street at Jefferson Avenue, towards the old boiler building (now Scotiabank) and the Hinde & Dauch/Irwin Toy building behind, circa 1980. Liberty Village was crisscrossed by railway spur lines until the 1990s.
City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 1465, File 37, Item 22

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F45 Training 171 East Liberty St, Unit 124 (Liberty Market)

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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness 171 East Liberty St, Unit 126 (Liberty Market)

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