These are challenging times and right now, Liberty Village needs a little love.

So we created Love, Liberty — a campaign about sharing some love for our neighbourhood and all the amazing people and businesses that make this place so special.

By writing and sharing love letters.

Using #LoveLibertyTO, we’re asking you to post short, simple messages proclaiming your undying love of all things Liberty Village.

  • Tell a business why you can’t live without them.
  • Tell the city why you think Liberty Village has the best coffee shops.
  • Tell Mayor Tory that you think a holiday should be named after Dive Bomb Dave

Have fun with Love, Liberty and join us in sharing love, kindness, and gratitude.

How It Works

For Residents:
Using the social platform of your choice, write a quick love letter to Liberty Village or a Liberty Village small business.

Share a few kind words about what you love and include #LoveLibertyTO. If you’re featuring a small business, don’t forget to tag them. Shout outs help attract new customers.

To help you get creative, bellow you’ll find some fancy social media design templates and fill-in-the-blanks graphics. Download them on your phone and have some fun telling that Mexican restaurant how much you love their burritos.

For Businesses:
If you run a business in Liberty Village, taking part is easy. Using any of your social platforms, create a post (AKA, love letter) and answer this question: How has the Liberty Village community supported your business over the last few months?

Tag that post with our hashtag #LoveLibertyTO.

The social media toolkit is for businesses too, so make sure to take advantage of the free designs and ‘love letter’ templates. For more information on how Love, Liberty can help your business, be sure to watch our webinar.


Download the complete Love, Liberty Toolkit here (ZIP file)

Below is a list of individual assets to download in one easy click…

Love, Liberty Profile Image

Standard Square Format Graphic (Instagram/Facebook)

Instagram Slider Cover Image

Square Format Blank Canvas Template

Fill-in-the-blank Instagram Story Template

Blank Canvas Instagram Story Template

Instagram Story Question 1 Blank Canvas
“I love this LV restaurant because…”

Instagram Story Question 2 Blank Canvas
“I love these LV restaurants…”

Instagram Story Question 3 Blank Canvas
“LV restaurants you need to try now”

Instagram Story Question 4 Blank Canvas
“What’s your LV top ten list?”

Instagram Story Question 5 Blank Canvas
“I don’t want to live without these LV businesses”

Instagram Story Question 6 Blank Canvas
“I love Liberty Village because…”

Instagram Story Question 7 Blank Canvas
“My perfect day in Liberty Village is…”

Instagram Story Question 8 Blank Canvas
“What LV businesses help keep you feeling good?”

Instagram Story Question 9 Blank Canvas
“I can’t start my day in Liberty Village without…”

Customizable Love Letter Word Document

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