On April 2nd communities around the world came together to raise awareness about autism and to provide their support. This is done through autism-friendly events and various educational activities, which continue to take place throughout the month with an aim to increase our understanding and acceptance of people with autism. 

It is amazing to see the number of organizations within Ontario and Canada that are working towards that same goal – supporting those with autism as well as their loved ones. Some of those organizations include Canadian National Autism Foundation, autism speaks, Canadian Autism Society.


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To help raise autism awareness, we are shining a light on a local Liberty Village based organization, Autism Ontario. This year for World Autism Day, Autism Ontario asked the autism community what autism means to you to create a moving video compilation called “What Autism Means to Us”. 

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Autism Ontario is a charitable organization that has been representing autistic individuals and their families for over 46 years. “The organization is made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates who can speak to the key issues that impact those with autism and their families.” 

Their mission is to create a supportive and inclusive Ontario for Autism. The organization offers unique local programs and services, helps connect families with resources like Clinical ABA Supervisors and autism services, webinars, learning resources and more. 

There are currently 25 chapters across Ontario. Although COVID-19 has changed the way Autism Ontario runs many of their programs – they still operate through virtual and home-based events, webinars, online support groups and workshops. 

If you want to support Autism Ontario, you can donate to their organization or volunteer. Volunteer roles can be casual or something more committed – they look for volunteers to help with administrative tasks, help running events, Chapter Leadership Council and more!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Toronto chapter please email, or visit their website for more information. 

We can all be more understanding and kind to help create a better world.

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