Many of us in Liberty Village live in small cozy spaces, this paired with the lockdown can easily make keeping active and health seem almost impossible, but it’s not! We just need to be creative, intentional, and conscious.  

Move Your Body Everyday

Moving your body everyday does not mean you have to do an intense workout. A simple stretch, a few sit-ups and push-ups, dancing, running on the spot, all, or any of the above can help change your mood. Commit to moving your body every day either during your lunch break, after work before you transition into your evening or both! It will do wonders for both your mental and physical health. If you’re someone who is missing real-life fitness classes, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is offering on demand classes, and F45 is offering classes live online.

Get Outside

It’s too easy to stay indoors for multiple days at a time. Make a conscious decision to get some fresh air daily, even if it’s cold or snowy, wrap up warm and just do it! Take a walk down to the lake, jog along the lakeshore, discover new routes, streets, and hidden treasures around the neighbourhood. Plan your walk into your daily routine – go for a walk before starting your workday to set the tone for the day ahead or go each day after dinner to help digest your food. Anytime of the day is a good time for a walk! 


It goes without saying that the pandemic can take a toll on our mental health. Meditation has both mental and physical benefits. Incorporating a meditation practice into your life can help you stay calm and centred in what can sometimes be an unpredictable world. Separating your mind and body from day-to-day stressors and concentrating on your breath for a few minutes a day can help reset your mind and mood. Allow your mind and your body to rest. 

Fuel Your Body

When working from home without your usual routine, mealtimes can also be easily affected – this could go one of two ways. You may forget to take lunch breaks because you’re home alone and not consciously taking coffee and meal breaks. Alternatively, working from can also result in excessive snacking since you are at home and always close to the fridge and snack cupboards. Consciously schedule your lunch and snack breaks into your daily schedule – you can do this many ways like setting an alarm on your phone, adding breaks to your work calendar, or writing a reminder on a sticky note on your desk. Be sure to fuel your body with healthy foods full of nutrients and vitamins to help keep your mind and body strong, Organic Garage offers a wide range of speciality and organic choices. 


It may seem like there’s not much to get excited about these days but planning events just like you would when we weren’t in lockdown can help us break-up our usual daily routine. Plan an at home spa and self-care days, do a face mask, take a long hot bath, sip on tea while you get lost in a good book. Make virtual plans with friends and family, play virtual games, eat dinner together, or simply grab a glass of wine and catch-up over the phone. Plan special meals at home – may it be takeout to support a local restaurant or learning how to make a new recipe paired with a delicious cocktail – give yourself an excuse to get dressed up! Cocktail kits like the “Bring Your Own Drink Kit”, from Local make life easy for when you feel like learning to be your own bartender. Add these events to your schedule, plan ahead, and give yourself something to look forward to.

Tap into Your Passions

Do something new that you’ve always wanted to try, get creative, and have fun while you’re doing it. There are so many things we all want to try but just don’t ever end up doing it – painting, jewelry making, drawing, writing, learning a new language, or redecorating our homes. We have the time to do it, now we just need be conscious, put our phones down, stop the scroll and be a little more conscious about how we spend our time. Binge watching your favourite show or scrolling through funny TikTok videos will feel so much more rewarding after you’ve learnt how to say phrases in a new language, or you’ve created a plan for that business you’ve always wanted to get started. 

There are so many ways we can make this very different experience a positive one. Be intentional and get creative – move your body, calm your mind, and consciously make the most of your time. 


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