No matter how long you’ve lived in Liberty Village there is always new beauty, art, and culture to discover. With this in mind, we have created a compilation of nine Instagram worthy spots in Liberty Village to discover (or rediscover) this fall. Our list includes everything from coffee shops and bars to murals and nature!

Hustle & Love Liberty Wall

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@LibertyMarketBuilding | Image Source: @wonkyyungjang | Image source: 

The two murals featured above may look familiar if you’ve been to the Liberty Market building over the past few years. In June 2016 Lifetime Developments commissioned the two murals. 

Brian Brown, Lifetime Developments vice-president commissioned the murals to help capture both the pride that we have as residents and business owners in Liberty Village as well as the character of the people in the Liberty Village and the essence of our neighborhood. 

The artist Ben Johnston, is a self-taught Canadian-born artist who has become known for his custom typography for advertising, murals, installations and events. Johnston was raised in South Africa and now spends his time between Canada and the US. 

Within Liberty Village, Lifetime Developments owns the Liberty Market Loft at 4 Hanna Avenue, Liberty Market Tower at 171 East Liberty St., XO Condos at King and Dufferin, and the Liberty Market Building. 

Balzac’s Coffee

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@balzacscoffee | Image source:

Balzac’s coffee has been a staple in our neighbourhood since 2006, the Canadian coffee shop now has 14 unique locations across Ontario, the Liberty Village location was their third location of the 14. 

Along with great coffee, snacks and service, Balzac’s arguably has one of the most instagrammable floors of any coffee shop. The Liberty Village location floor features custom Art Deco tiles inspired by a 1950s café. Beyond the beautiful tiled floors, the café also features an authentic zinc bar from Paris. 

The next time you stop by to smell the coffee, take a moment and take in your beautiful surroundings as well. You might be inspired to create a post or two!

The café is located in the Toy Factory Lofts, which was once home to the Irwin Toy Factory. 

“i don’t give a sip” 

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@LibertyCommons | Image source: @dailykurisu

Our local brewpub and BBQ joint, Liberty Commons, emphasizes its modern day take on a classic fair by adding a bright fluorescent sign featuring the catchy saying “i don’t give a sip”.

The saying is pretty fitting with the brewpub offering a street level Beer Shop with eight taps, featuring their signature beers, seasonal offerings, and lots of rotating experimental brews made exclusively in house. The perfect fix for when you just want to let loose and not “give a sip.”

With all those brews, and the testing and tasting it must take to make them just perfect, we know that they the Liberty Commons crew does give a sip.

Art Mural & Natural Beauty

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@TorontoCarpetFactory | Image source: @jessicailam | Image source: @sam.daytripper

The Toronto Carpet Factory is naturally Instagram worthy with the beautiful windows and never-ending vines, add a beautiful mural to that and as well as the changing of the leaves in the autumn and the building become even more ‘grammable.

The mural is at 67 Mowat Avenue and looks like an old floral carpet. The carpet factory and the mural have been used as backdrops for photo shoots and has become a pretty popular for engagement and wedding photos. 

So, the next time you’re walking past the Toronto Carpet Factory don’t forget to look up from your Instagram to potentially capture your next Instagram shot. 

Interior Graffiti

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@organicgarage | Image Source: @zenseeker_

Organic Garage one of Liberty Village’s newer grocery stores, opened at 42 Hanna in 2018. Beyond the, 100 per cent certified-organic produce, unique packaged food options, BYOC (bring your own container) bulk food section, self-serve teaBOT, and 11-tap draft station of cold brews, Organic Garage is also quite the art piece. 

The stores interior is covered with creative graffiti style art. The piece featured above is just one of the many murals. The walls are also filled with sayings, inspiring quotes, info graphics hashtags, and colourful imagery.  

Before your next trip to Organic Garage, be sure to have you phone fully charged and ready to shoot and click!

Beautiful Interiors

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@brodflour | Image source: @anthonymenecola

Brodflour is another design forward coffee shop in Liberty Village located at 8 Pardee Avenue. Brodflour has a very minimalist Scandinavian inspired look with custom furnishings. 

The light, airy and simple design can transport you into another place, inspire the inner interior designer in you and almost instantly make you want to share your coffee shop experience with your followers. 

While the decor is beautiful and instaworthy, so are their drinks, sandwiches, and treats. From their wax paper wrapped loaves and open faces sandwiches, there’s so much inspiration for your IG. 

Fancy Décor 

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@blacksheepto | Image source: @sophie_lilianna

Black Sheep is Liberty Village’s first speak easy. The cocktail lounge is tucked away on the third floor of our iconic Brazen Head pub, the space offers a cozy spot with a whimsical ambiance where guests can savor hand-crafted cocktails, local brews or a glass of wine. Their cocktails range from all the classics to innovative concoctions – you can think of it as a modern speakeasy. 

Everything from the decor to their food, and specialty cocktails will have you pulling out your phone. Their decor features lots of rich jewel toned velvets, deep blues, greens and purples, lots of metal accents, luscious plants, as well as decor and picture frames on their walls. Your Black Sheep experience will have you posting to stories and your followers asking where you are!

Warning, their style may give you some decor envy and make you want to redecorate this fall. 

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