At first glance it may not necessarily be obvious how much music is housed right here in Liberty Village, but if you really think about it our neighborhood is the epicenter of music and entertainment in Canada. We have the Budweiser Stage and Echo Beach right down the street, five radio stations, one music entertainment business, a non-profit organization Music Canada and so many others. In addition to this impressive roster we’ll also be welcoming Universal Music Canada to our neighbourhood very soon. 

Universal Music Canada will be moving their headquarters from North York to 80 Atlantic right here in Liberty Village. Jeffery Ramedios, UMC’s president and CEO has a vision for Universal Music Canada to be a community hub for artists, media, partners, and music audiences. 

Universal Music Canada has a roster of Toronto talent including but not limited to, Drake, The Weekend, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, and Jazz Cartier. 

When announcing the company’s move to Liberty Village, the president and CEO notes, “80 Atlantic will mark a new phase in the growth and evolution of Toronto’s music community, enabling artists to fully refine their craft here at home rather than resorting to exporting it raw for others to finish before bringing it to market”. 

Universal Music Canada will be 80 Atlantic’s main tenant taking over 40,000 square feet of 87,000 square foot building. The headquarters will boast recording and performance facilities, retail opportunities, and artist promotional spaces. 

The company mentions in their press release announcing their move to 80 Atlantic that Liberty Village is “at the heart of a culturally relevant community, within blocks of print, online, and broadcast media partners, music licensors and digital distributors, social media platforms, instrument makers, and music associations.”

Among those companies and associations are Music Canada, Live Nation, Roland, Zoomer Radio, Indie 88, SirusXM, Jazz.FM, and The Post Office. 

Music Canada – Music Canada is a non-profit organization that advocates for music and the artists who create it. They do this by promoting the interests of its members, partners, and artists through various activities including; administrating the gold/platinum awards program for best-selling records in Canada, gathering and sharing technical, statistical and other information about Canada’s music community and so much more. The Music Canada team calls 85 Mowat Avenue, in Liberty Village home. 

Live Nation – Live Nation is responsible for bringing 40,000 shows, over 100 festivals to life and selling 500 million tickets to events worldwide each year. The global company produces concerts, sells tickets and connects brands to music. Liberty Village is home to the Lounge at Live Nation concert venue located at 15 Hanna Avenue.  

Roland – Roland manufactures electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software. The company has manufactured instruments that have had lasting impacts on music and have played a large role in shaping electronic music. The Roland Inspiration Centre, located at 1179 King St. West, in Liberty Village acts as a community hub for music makers and gives musicians a chance to test our instruments that might not be otherwise easily available. 

Zoomer Media – Zoomer Media is a radio station, based out of Liberty Village. Through their various shows they offer Oldies Pop and Rock, Big Band Jazz, and Old Time Radio from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. They also have a sister station called The New Classical, and have the largest broadcast footprint in North America and is the only AM channel still playing music in Canada’s largest market. Zoomer, goes beyond radio and is made up of four TV stations, five radio stations, including The New Classical FM. Zoomer Media made the move from their 550 Queen St. East studio to 70 Jefferson Avenue in Liberty Village in 2013, which is also home to the largest MZTV – Museum of Television

Indie 88 – Indie 88 launched almost exactly 7 years ago today, on August 3rd, 2013. They were Canada’s first Indie radio station. The station prides itself on providing a platform for emerging artists while playing homage the classics that inspired them. The media company is also a multi-media hub for news, local lifestyle, and pop-culture content focused on unique and engaging stories. Indie 88 has called 20 Hanna Avenue in Liberty Village home since their launch back in 2013. 

SiriusXM Canada – SiriusXM, founded in 2008, provides satellite radio and online radio services that are available in your car, home, and on the go. SirusXM subscribers get access to ad-free music, artist dedicated channels, comedy, entertainment, and sports coverage. The US based company’s only Canadian based recording studio calls 135 Liberty St. home. 

Jazz.FM – Jazz.FM started 70 years ago as a radio station at Ryerson University with the purpose of training radio and television broadcast students. First launching with funding from donations from listeners, corporations, and foundations, it continued to grow into a 24-hour jazz station. The station now also provides programs that support emerging artists, education and music therapy. It’s Canada’s only broadcaster and registered not-for-profit charitable arts organization dedicated to enriching the cultural, educational and community experience of their audience. The Jazz.FM studio is located at 4 Pardee Ave, in Liberty Village. 

The Post Office – The Post Office is a creative audio production agency that offers services ranging from full-service audio production and post-production, artist management and development, and lifestyle and influencer content. The Post Office has worked with brands ranging from Canadian Tire, VICE, Beer Fest, Ford Canada, Tesla, Google, The Toronto Raptors and Much Music. Their studio located at 171 East Liberty St. and boasts a 5.1 floating mix room, a fully equipped podcasting and voice over booth, and a 600-square-foot pop-up gallery and event space.

Needless to say, Universal Music Canada has definitely made the right choice in choosing Liberty Village as their new home. We look forward to the company moving into the neighbourhood and seeing all the potential collaborations and growth come to life among all businesses from the varying industries in Liberty Village. 

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