Health & Safety In Liberty Village

Crime Prevention: Tips for Small Businesses

The closure of non-essential businesses in Ontario may cause many of you to worry about the safety of your business properties. We are sharing the following crime prevention tips for businesses, which are based on recommendations by the Toronto Police. 

Tips for Shared Condo Buildings

Elevator & Lobby Etiquette

When you’re coming in and out of your home to go out to get your weekly grocery haul, get a few minutes of fresh air, stretch your legs or walk the dog, it is your responsibility to keep yourself, your neighbors, and condo staff safe. 

When taking the elevator respect other people’s space, it is recommended that there is a max of three people per elevator. Be polite and wait for the next elevator. If you’re not in a rush, why not limit capacity to two people – a little extra space in the elevator can only result in healthier air and more physical distance. 

Condo management are doing everything they can to ensure elevators and doors are cleaned often, we all need to do our part as well. Ensure you are washing your hands every time you are leaving and entering your home, this will help keep elevator buttons and shared doors as clean as possible. If you can wear gloves, and/or use your clothed arm to push doors open then please do so. Be sure to wash and change out of your outdoor clothes once you return home.

When coming in and out of your building be mindful of others, allow people to pass through doors and allow for a few extra metres of distance before proceeding to enter or leave the building. 

Respect Employees

Similar rules apply in the mailroom, when collecting packages, and socializing with your condo concierge, cleaning staff, and security guards. Please show your condo staff appreciation for all that they do, they are putting their lives at risk each and every day to ensure you’re able to live a cleaner more convenient life – they are maintaining common areas by cleaning them often and ensuring your essentials and treats are safely delivered, accepted, and stored. 

Be mindful of their private space, keep your distance, sing your praises from afar. A little gift of appreciate could also be nice – a gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant offering takeout is a great way to show appreciation for both condo staff and local businesses! Maybe even leave a note in your mailbox for your mail person too. 

Tips for When You’re on a Stroll

Sidewalks, Streets, and Stores

We love living in Liberty Village because there are usually lots of people around, the buzz is amazing, and walking to your local coffee shop is sometimes one of the best feelings in the world. However, unfortunately, it is for these same reasons we all must be extra careful and mindful. 

Similarly, to how we respect our neighbors in the lobby and elevators we must also treat people on the sidewalks, streets, and in grocery stores the same way. Try to stand to the side when passing people on the sidewalk, make an effort to walk around parked cars and separate if you’re walking as a couple when necessary.  Stand a far distance away when waiting in lines and when walking through the grocery store and pharmacy. 

We can also all help reduce the likelihood of contact by choosing to pick-up essentials from the store (limit this to once per week) and take walks during “off-peak” times if possible – i.e. if you have flexible work hours, maybe go out for a few minutes of air at 10:30 am or 3:00 pm rather than 5:00 pm or in the evening. 

Dog Owners

Additionally, when you are out for a walk, either with your dog or walking alone, and you see someone coming in your direction, cross the street, if it’s safe to do so to give each other some extra space. 

If you are a dog owner, please take extra caution when taking your pup out for a walk, try to avoid having them come to close to others – you and your pets should also be practicing social distancing – again to respect other people’s space as well as to keep to and your family safe. Avoid petting dogs that aren’t yours. The more we do now the quicker we can get back to enjoying dogs parks and shared common areas together again.

Be Friendly

Physically distancing doesn’t mean we have to be angry or shy. Show fellow neighbors we’re in this together with a smile to show that they matter or a wave to say hello from afar. Especially with the warmer weather is amongst us – sending a wave from a balcony to a passerby might just make someone’s day! 

Physical and Mental Health

While we are all self-isolating, not able to head to the gym and limiting the amount of time we spend outside here’s a list of local Liberty Village businesses helping to keep us moving while at home. Being physically active is great both for your physical and mental wellness.

Get moving with: 

And just because we can, here are some pups of LV setting a good example… 

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