New Art Benches Coming to Liberty Village in Spring 2019

New Art Benches Coming to Liberty Village in Spring 2019

Exciting news! Our APR committee has been working hard with Mural Routes and the City of Toronto to bring a pop of colour and additional seating to the Liberty Village community with new art benches! A total of 14 art benches will be installed in Spring 2019. The reveal date will be announced in the next few months.

The underlining theme of these designs is to capture the past industrial history and modern creative center that makes up Liberty Village.

It has been a pleasure to support local artists and beautify the streetscape for the community and visitors to the neighbourhood.

Thank you to all the contributing artists and volunteers who dedicated their time to bring a fresh look to the Liberty Village community.

Take a look at some designs below:

By Patrick Li

The Salmon of Lake Ontario
By Claire Correia

Love Conquers Our Differences
By Christiano De

Home of Innovation creative entrepreneurs – the spirit of Liberty Village
By Jieun June Kim

The Smell of Fresh Bread
By Brad Emsley

Ardmore Bench 2018
By M.L. MacDonald

Sun sets on Niigaani-gichigami
By Janelle Lee Newbold

By Michelle Jorgensen

On a Roll
By Karen Ho Fatt

By Julie Ryan & Thelia Shelton

By Chris Foster

By Hannah Beveridge

To reach the fruit, one must go out on a limb
By Peter & Michael Fourtune

It is not the reason we are here

By Jose Andres Mora


Stay tuned for information on the reveal date of the Art Benches!