Creativity lives and breathes all over Liberty Village from the designers creating digital masterpieces to the amazing technologies being built to the streets. Lunch time walks and random strolls in the community have more life and interest with the various artistic pieces seen on the ground on on building exterior walls. We got the chance to chat with a couple of the artists who produced the artwork we see an marvel at everyday.

Sidewalk Art by What is Victor Up To

Picture of the sidewalk art by What is Victor Up To.
Pops of color bring the ground to life by What is Victor Up To.

This piece is a little hidden and resides at the historic Toronto Carpet Factory.  Nestled in between some of the buildings, this artistic pop of color is welcomed. The sidewalk art was created and design by local artist What is Victor Up To.  Management form the Toronto Carpet Factory reached out to him  and he was more than happy to complete the piece. It was actually Victor’s second time doing a sidewalk installation here.

With the property being a former carpet factory, it only made sense to pay homage to the history and recreate a carpet image. He wanted the piece to have a lot of punch. The most recent design was inspired by Mexican textiles that Victor had seen among his travels.

Girl and Cat Mural

This two storey mural was kindly gifted by a loyal Liberty Street Cyclery customer.

This mural is a very special piece of art. For one, it is a two story piece and catches the attention of people coming and going down Liberty Street and heading to and from the Go Trains. Secondly, the way this project came to be is very unique. A very loyal customer of Liberty Street Cyclery, Rob, initiated the project with the help of his friends.

Utilizing the  StreetARToronto program with the City of Toronto, they had obtained all necessary permission and had the wall transformed. Internationally renowned artist Emmanuel Jarus was the designer and creator of the image. Jarus states about the girl and cat image, “It is based off of a photo I took of my best friend’s ex-girlfriend and their cat together. The cat is something that can’t be split as they separate.”

Showing Neighborhood Pride 

Take a photo in front of this wall and be sure to tag it with #LoveLibertyTO.

Take a walk through the Liberty Market Galleria and two pieces of street art will standout. Commissioned artist, Ben Johnston, added these two pieces of art to the walls of the Liberty Market Building back in the summer of 2016. One piece can be seen behind Brazenhead with the word “Hustle” painted in white. Further down the Galleria, the proud words, “Love Liberty” can be spotted on a two story piece. This particular wall has become very Instagram famous as everyone loves to to show their appreciation for Liberty Village.

We love the creativity seen thus far in the streets. What murals or works of art will we see in the future?