Liberty Village has one of the most concentrated urban centres in the city of Toronto, both from an employment and residential perspective. Traffic congestion is a significant challenge in the area, along with the need for dedicated pedestrian and cycling routes. The LVBIA is committed in advancing the action of building a new road and promenade on the south end of Liberty Village. The road, which is included in the Masterplan, has the support of the LVRA (Residents Association), both local Councilors and the City. It will cater to all modes of transportation including cycling, walking, transit and vehicle traffic. The LVBIA through championing this initiative and the creative aspects to the overall concept, envisions the completion of this project as a key part in nurturing the vibrancy of Liberty Village.

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Read the Liberty New Street – Environmental Assessment Study

Our Proposed New Street

Recommended Plan

This is a recommended overview from the City of Toronto as part of the Environmental Assessment for a proposed new road in Liberty Village.

Cross Section Design Options

The City of Toronto has outlined a few options showcasing what a typical cross section would look like for a new road.

15M right of way as shown below:

20M right of way as shown below:

Not Just A New Street

The new road has the potential to be more than just a new road. It has the opportunity to be a community space, and promenade.

As of October 28th, the review period for the Liberty New Street is now closed.

Construction of the new road is subject to available funding. Potential implementation of the new road could follow a phased approach. – City of Toronto

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