No matter what your goals may be for 2020 there is a business, organization, group or place in Liberty Village that can help you crush them! 


There’s no question that we should all be doing our part to help reduce our impact on the environment, may this be through the way we make our purchasing decisions, the way we manage our waste to how we get around.

  • Buy in Bulk: Buying in bulk helps us reduce the amount of waste we produce by limiting the number of products we buy in packaging. With a Bulk Barn in our neighborhood, buying something in bulk couldn’t be easier. To take this even further, consider bringing your own reusable containers and avoid the  single-use plastic bags. 
  • Public Transportation: Running errands couldn’t be easier – with all of the necessities located within our neighborhood try ditching your car and walking to run errands, going to appointments, or meeting friends at a bar. Have to leave the hood? Choose the TTC, Go Train, or carpooling whenever possible – all of these options are super accessible to us in LV. 



Losing weight and being more physically active are amongst the most common new year’s resolutions, there so many opportunities and ways to do this within our community. Build up your strength, feel better physically and mentally by working out with a team or on your own. 


  • GoodLife Fitness: GoodLife Fitness is a great gym option, especially if you prefer to work out alone or one-on-one with the option of joining in on a class. GoodLife offers it all – personal trainers, training equipment, machines for cardio and group classes. 
  • F45: Enjoy being pushed to your limits and working out in a group setting or need a quick high intensity workout? If you haven’t tried it already, F45 may be worth a try! Work out with a group of motivated people and class instructors by your side encouraging you throughout your 45-minute workout. 
  • Running Groups: Prefer to workout outdoors? Join a running club! There are running clubs you can join within our community. For example the Liberty Village Running Room meets every Wednesday and Sunday or the HIITandRunTO group meets at Lamport Stadium on Thursday at 6:30 PM. There’s nothing more motivating than working out with a crew.




Your mental health and self-care are important, and easily forgotten, may this be in the form of meditation or indulging in a little treat and rewarding yourself for a job well done – there’s something in the Liberty Village to satisfy your needs. 


  • Pure Yoga: Pure Yoga, located on Fraser Avenue, just south of Liberty Street, offers a variety of yoga classes ranging from hot yoga, yoga teacher training, to candlelit classes and energy-chakra classes. Regardless of the type of relaxation you are looking we are sure you can find a class at Pure Yoga that will help you zone out, relax and take you into a meditative state. 
  • Oxygen Yoga: If you prefer something a little more intense, Oxygen Yoga offers fusion classes that can be faster paced than some classes you may find at other yoga studios they also offer candlelit classes for a more slow-paced option. Either way you will benefit from a mental and physical detox. 
  • Holistic Healthcare & Rehabilitation: If your goal is to take a holistic approach to your well-being this year, The Performance Healthcare Centre, Body Tune In on East Liberty St., and the King Liberty Healthcare Centre have a variety of services that can help you take care of your body and mind. Some of the services offered include massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, chakra work, life coaching and so many more. 
  • Tea, Coffee & Treats: Sometimes all we need is a little time out away from work, life and chores. Between Aroma Espresso Bar, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, Louie Craft Coffee, and brodflour, there is no shortage of coffee shops full of treats, coffee, teas, and cozy corners to write, take time out to think, catch-up with friends or dive into a good book. 



If 2020 is the year you plan on working smarter, growing your business, are or grow your network, and connect with like-minded people, it may be your year to start working out of a coworking space. Your investment could range from a monthly membership, dropping in for a day here or there or simply just keeping up with events going on and attending one here and there.

  • Spaces: Although not open yet in Liberty Village, Spaces has a reputation for being a beautiful design-forward coworking space. Opening March 2020 at 80 Atlantic you can expect a thriving community of creative and tech-based companies with everything you need to inspire your next big project. Should you simply need a quiet place to check emails or a space to meet with clients, they have that too.
  • WeWork: New to Liberty Village, WeWork strives to build a community. A place you join can join as an individual and become part of a greater ‘we’. Similar to other coworking spaces, WeWork offers varying membership levels, and a sense of community within their workspaces. 
  • Fueling Station: The Fueling Station, located at 147 Liberty St. prides itself on their bright, breathable space with high ceilings. It’s a coworking and office space that makes a statement and is a community conducive to achieving what ambitious entrepreneurs set themselves to.
  • Toastmasters: If you don’t need an office space but want to join a community that pushes you to meet new people and learn new skills, you may want to consider joining a club like Toastmasters. Toastmaster is a public-speaking group, with a unique mix of members from various industries. At each meeting you’ll listen to (and deliver) a number of prepared speeches on a wide variety of topics, the club prides itself on its humour and camaraderie.


With all of that, if you’ve already created your goals for 2020 we hope you found something within this post that can help you reach your goals, if you haven’t yet created any new goals we hope we inspire you to start something new. Here’s to an amazing year! We hope to see you out and about in the neighborhood and at the Liberty Village BIA events we planned throughout the year.