Wright Digital is an Apple Authorized Corporate Reseller and Service Provider for Macintosh and iOS products. We all support PCs.

Last year, we helped over 220 companies in the Greater Toronto Area find the right solutions to their IT problems. Our technical team is experienced, talented and knowledgeable. They have access to a large network of solution specific specialists, manufacturer’s engineers and service partners to tackle the most complex IT projects.

We understand business. Especially where business workflows intersect with technology.

We like to say relationships start with a conversation. We are good listeners. With an audit of your current technology use, we can develop a plan to save you money.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce the right technology solutions to simplify, enhance and grow your business.

Contact Information
1 Atlantic Avenue
Toronto, ON. M6K 3E7
Phone: (416) 536-5708
Web: www.wrightdigital.com/