Bell Box Murals in Liberty Village

Under the direction of Michael Cavanaugh, the Bell Boxes Murals Project has painted 160 murals on Bell Canada outdoor utility boxes throughout Toronto, Southern Ontario and Quebec. The LVBIA is proud to be a participant in this program for 2017 and had 4 boxes painted to enhance our neighbourhood. It also allows a unique canvas for local artists to showcase their talent and expression. We are certainly forged in creativity! We were also lucky to have the Program Director, Michael Cavanaugh, paint one of the boxes himself, in addition to the 4 done by other local artists. Artists included: Peru 143, Andre Kan, Jim Bravo and Devlin Ralph. Be sure to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see them all!


          Bell Box completed by Andre Kan.



Bell Box completed by Peru 143.


Bell Box completed by Devlin Ralph.


Bell Box completed by Michael Cavanaugh.


Bell Box completed by Jim Bravo.