Ever wondered what some of the businesses next door or down the hall may be up to? Some of these businesses are making music or striking chords with others in the music industry. Liberty Village has many creative, talented, and amazing musical organizations. Some of these are more obvious like Indie88 with their studio south on Hanna St or Jazz FM located on Paradee with their big storefront signs. And others remain a little more under the radar. We explore the music makers and shakers of our neighborhood.

Radio Stations

Photo of the outside of the Indie 88 studio.
Indie 88 calls Liberty Village.

While walking throughout the neighborhood on a lunch break or trying to catch transit on the way home, it is easy to spot Indie88, Jazz FM, and Zoomer Radio. All of these stations specialize in a different genre or format.

  • Indie 88 operates as an Indie station putting the spotlight on up and coming Indie artists. They launched their station in the summer of 2013.
  • Jazz FM specializes in jazz music. As a not for profit organization and Canada’s only 24/7 jazz station, they aim to educate and provide opportunity for youth.
  • Zoomer Radio caters to a listening audience 45 years and up. They play songs from artists like Ella Fitzgerald, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, and many other timeless classics.


Make sure to check out the Roland Inspiration Centre!
Make sure to check out the Roland Inspiration Centre!

A couple of organizations specialize in the manufacturing of music. Roland Canada is a powerhouse full of equipment including DJ equipment, keyboards, drum pedals, and more. They have an Inspiration Centre that can people can explore and enjoy their various products at the Toronto Carpet Factory.

The Post Office Sound is located in the Liberty Market Building.
The Post Office is located in the Liberty Market Building.

The Post Office Inc. is a creative audio production and post house with a fully equipped, Pilchner Schoustal designed, recording facility. Top tier brands, productions, and corporate clients turn to them for their sound and music expertise on a range of content, from TV commercials to cutting edge Virtual Reality experiences. They also collaborate w many high level artists who utilize the studio and team to help create their next big hit. They are located in the Liberty Market Building.

Advocacy and Awards

Some Gold and Platinum Awards from Music Canada.
Some Gold and Platinum Awards from Music Canada.

The organization called Music Canada is a very important player in the music industry. Representing not only recording artists but also the individuals that manufacture and produce sounds, they have many objectives to help protect and promote the music industry. Music Canada’s most publicized effort includes the Gold and Platinum recording artists awards. Their office is located within the Toronto Carpet Factory.

Creativity and media thrive in Liberty Village in many shapes and forms. Don’t be afraid to continually explore!